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Realme 6i gaming phone review || under 15000

Realme 6i gaming phone review

so hey what's going on everybody so i bought this retail unit of real me 6i some days back and i am testing it out extensively these days with some real world scenarios and some of you are going to buy it just for gaming right so in this video i'll cover an in-depth gaming test that i did with this device so i'll be playing pubg and other popular titles for continuous sessions and also check out the battery drain from 100 plus i am using gfx tool for a smooth pubg experience 

Realme 6i gaming phone review || under 15000

This device is a 90 hertz lcd display but unfortunately there aren't much games right now that support this feature for now here is a list of games that i'll try it out on this device and out of these only altos odyssey has 90hz support so as you can see the device is having 0 battery right now and i'll charge it up to 100 so that we can start this test quickly and in case you wish to see a charging speed test here is a card to it the temperature of battery right now is around 35 degrees at room temperature so let's start off with a quick death match in pubg and as you can see here is the fps counter so it is giving around 58 fps right now and i will have a look at that in between sessions so

Stay with me i am at smooth and ultra settings right now and i am using gfx tool to get that smooth and extreme feel at least and well yeah the game runs really well on this device and there are no drop frames at least till now and it's really a good sign [Music] [Music] after like 15 odd minutes of gaming we are now left with 96 battery so i'll play a couple of classic games now and then let's have a look at that battery drain overall the heat up is quite less and you won't even feel it with a k supply and i must say that the device is performed really well till now with pubg at least let's continue with some more rounds and i'll come back later with the results so after like one hour of pubg i am left with 35 85 of the battery and the battery temperature has reached around 45 degrees and the device does not feel that warm till now so there you have it i see some dropped frames

After like one hour of gaming but i'm still getting around 58 fps which is definitely great for a budget phone and i must say that this device has impressed me so far with an incredible performance of this processor and i think it might be able to handle most of the games like a breeze and the variant that i have has only 4 gigabytes of ram so it can handle pubg quite easily moving on to the next game asphalt 9. so this is a bit less intensive than pubg and let's see how it goes so starting it off the gameplay seems quite smooth in the beginning and the device is able to handle the rendering of smaller details too quite well so far i don't see any issues or frame drops and as you can see in the fps counter it is giving around 60 fps which is really cool after throwing this much of load on the cpu i really think the optimizations have been done quite well on 

This device and as usual i don't feel any heat up till now everything seems to be under control so let's fast forward it a bit after like two races or so now as you can see the battery temperature is 44 degrees and it has not exceeded that much after 45 which is really a good sign and we are left off with 80 of the battery now with like this much of gaming the battery drain has also been quite good so far let's throw some more load on that cpu and let's play a session of call of duty in maximum graphic settings and starting of the game so the game is running fine and we have around 59 fps average with this one too the frames aren't dropping as of 

Now and this is really a good sign the shadows and texture seems nice for a budget device so let's play it for some time and in case you don't like to wait feel free to skip it a bit further standing by foreign well after like 15 minutes of gaming the device is all right the heat up is not that much so let's check the battery temperature now and it is around 40 degrees with approximately 75 percent of the charge left so as usual the device has not exceeded the danger mark and i felt some frame drops here and there of course but still everything is just smooth and fine now let's move over to our next game so this one supports that 90 hertz refresh rate and it is called altos odyssey it's a casual game with not so much intensive graphics but the quality of overall gameplay is really nice so let's try it and as you can see we are getting around 60 fps which is definitely great the experience of 90 hertz gaming is wonderful and unfortunately this device does not support even this game in 90 hertz i think it can easily handle this game 

Even if i play it for hours so the battery percentage has reached 71 now and the battery temperature is 36 degrees now i'll play some more light in casual games and conclude the speed test as it is more than enough abuse on this device for one day now let's play some games of temple run and subway surfers as those are some of the most popular games on android and i've been playing them for like six seven years now so they are some of the great games available for any android device anyhow i'll play both of these for like 10 minutes each and then let's check the battery temperature and percentage left after this long here interesting gaming session folks so after the last round of testing now the battery temperature is around 37 degree celsius and we have like 70 percent of the charge left after so much of gaming also one thing i noted earlier is that when the battery percentage is less than 20 there is noticeable frame drop


Because of battery saver so keep that in mind so how was my overall experience with it well the device is really a champ in handling goal games really well without any major heat up or frame drops and that big 4 300 image battery ensures that you can game for hours on a single charge which is incredible for a budget device i was a bit skeptical about the mediatek helio processor but it performs well beyond my expectations and if you are buying it for gaming you won't have any issues in any game you throw at it so yeah a good budget device overall and i would totally recommend this one as a solid option in this price for every user anyways if you have any question or you want anything covered do let me know in the comment section down below 

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