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infinix zero 8 best review || infinix zero 8 price in india

Infinix Zero 8 Review

This is the infinix zero eight unboxing and my quick review now i've only had this for about 24 hours so this isn't going to be our usual detailed review when you open the box you're greeted with the smartphone let's take out the sticker on the back and on the front this is the black diamond color i've also seen it in white and i think that one actually looks better you have an envelope that houses the sim ejection tool a warranty card some crazy colored stickers an x-club leaflet a film screen protector we're not going to use this though and a clear tpu case

infinix zero 8 best review || infinix zero 8 price in india

Let's see how well the case fits this one looks like it's of the flimsy variety but at least it hides the camera bump on the bottom compartment we have a really bulky 33 watt fast charger with the orange accent a usb type-c cable again with some orange accent and a pair of earphones this one has metal around it but no citrus anywhere this is only a review unit and it did not come with a user guide but i checked the phone settings for all the supported bands and yeah it does support the infamous glow 4g band 28. on the front you have a 6.85 inch full hd plus ips lcd display with 20 by 9 aspect ratio on the top left corner you have a punch hole that houses a 48 megapixel dual camera setup with flash on the back you have a 64 megapixel quad camera setup with quad flash and some infinix branding on the left you have a three in one tray that houses two 4g lte nano sims and an sd card on the right you have a volume rocker and a power button which also doubles up as your fingerprint sensor it doesn't sit all the way flush with the frame on the top you have nothing on the bottom you have a speaker a usb type-c port a microphone and a 3.5 millimeter headphone jack 

About the design infinix definitely took a risk on this diamond shaped camera layout the chrome finish however adds some premium touch to it love it or hate it it's really unique and i think when we get to the part about the camera it won't even matter what it looks like the back and frame are made from plastic which is a fingerprint magnet it is a huge phone and for this size its weight is neither heavy nor light this is a 200 used type of phone this color definitely has more than one tone but most people will assume it's just black on the front we get really thin bezels and a little bit of a chin the screen is really bright outdoors too there's a lot of hype around the screen because of the 90 hertz refresh rate and it's quite hard to demonstrate that extra bit of smoothness when compared to the 60 hertz refresh rate we get on the note 7. what we can at least see is that the scrolling on the zero 8 is faster and actually you can turn this feature off to save battery life or use the auto switch option for optimal efficiency the zero 8 comes with 128 gigs of storage and 8 gigs of ram you get about 117 gigs of available storage we're running on android 10 with xos version 7.0 slapped on top of it and with it came a whole lot of bloatware i hadn't even connected to the internet at this point most of them can be deleted but this is excessive man can anyone hear me we see some changes on the interface the sidebar has a new look and it's invisible so you have to drag and hold it to call it out i think the longer process defeats the 

whole purpose of getting things done quickly you get full gesture based navigation of course i still don't fancy it all that much even less so on a device this big this phone is already very fast and with the 90 hertz on everything responds to touch a little too fast for me i know some of you would love it but for me it's good old navigation keys the reason why it's fast is because the infinix z8 uses the mediatek helio g90t octa core cpu clocked at 2.0 gigahertz yes finally i can say that this is an overpowered overly ambitious gaming mid-range chipset that gives two-year-old flagship cpus a run for their money as you can expect everything from the fingerprint sensor to the face unlock is going to be blazing fast on this guy however even though it is a gaming phone there's only one speaker on here unlike the note 7 which boasts of dual stereo speakers gaming on the zero 8 is still rock solid and it packs a 4 500 milliamp hour battery which should last you 6 plus hours of gaming and a full day for everything else on paper a 33 watt fast charger should charge from 0 to 100 under 30 minutes

But i will actually do my own test in my full review the z8 camera comes packed with everything from pro mode to slow mo to night mode so let's see some pictures outdoors the selfie camera is nice and contrasty and we see a lot of details using the 48 megapixel mode with portrait mode depth sensing is not perfect but actually not too shabby the primary camera however takes the cake it is so crisp outdoors the tones are super rich this looks like it was shot using gcam when compared to the selfie camera shot look at how realistic my hair looks portrait mode definitely misses the mark here and there when it comes to depth sensing the ultra wide selfie camera does come at a price because the sacrifice and quality is way too obvious the same can be said for the primary camera although we get high dynamic range across the board

Now let's see how it performs indoors it's a good thing i use the same lighting and background you can literally check the camera performance of every phone i've reviewed this past year i think the zero 8 is most certainly top three now that super night mode for the front camera is just there for fancy stick to using the front facing flash where the super night mode works best is with the primary camera this is close to midnight and i think these photos are actually usable is it just me or is there something gcam asked about the photo on the right it records videos in 4k for the front and back camera with image stabilization on while shooting in 1080p so i am currently filming with the infinix zero eight front facing camera in 4k and here's what the audio sounds like the infinix zero eight is the reply to a lot of criticism from infinix fans across the globe you wanted faster processors better displays usb type-c and all of that so infinix found a way to meet a lot of those demands even though it does camp out on the dual stereo speakers glass build and oled display this is hands down.

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