Friday, 10 July 2020

Samsung M20 Best review || Best in price

Mobile Review:

so after hyping these devices for so long Samsung has finally made PGI LCM 10 nm 20 officials in this Blog won't take a look at the top 5 features of the galaxy M 20 a device that could bring back the customers that Samsung lost to the Chinese OEMs gaseum 20 has a freaking five thousand milliamp hours battery this is the second time ever that Samsung used such a high capacity battery on their phones having a five thousand milliamp as battery on the phone does not always guarantee a good battery life but you can be sure that you'll get at least more than a days of juice out of the device and considering this is a budget phone with a processor that isn't resource hungry I can almost say with certainty that this device will go 2 days at least we thought you need to plug it back again.

The m20 has a six point three inch full HD Plus display when you think about it the iPhone 10 R which costs 750 dollars in the United States and $1000 in India has an 800hp cyl display and this phone which only cost 150 dollars has a full HD Plus display anyway it also has a nod switch I'm not a fan of but hey this thing only cost 150 bucks and it's less intrusive than some of the bigger notice out there so I guess it's only fair not to complain about it.

It also comes with a fast charging support and most importantly the fast charger is included right out of the box the badet is same as you can find in their flagship phones which is 15 watts if you compare to Apple they provide a meteor 5 wall charger with a $1000 phone so yeah bringing the fast charging pack with USB type-c to the m20 is something to be appreciated as not many devices come with this functionality in this price range.

First if the 10 megapixel primary sensor at the back coupled with a 5 megapixel ultra-wide sensor were taking ultra white photos samsung has beaten every chinese company by including this wide-angle lens because none of the chinese phones has a wide-angle camera so Samsung has thought things through rather than just releasing devices for the sake of fat Delta has Samsung's new chipset this is different than Samsung's past chipset because two of its eight processor cores are of the cortex a 73 variety and the other six are cortex a53 cores Samsung has traditionally used chipsets with only power efficient cores for budget phones which was the main reason for the poor performance a test chipset is gonna change that as samsung says,

It will comfortably play resource intensive games like pubg absolutely fine of course that being said these are the official prices for the galaxy m10 and m20 quite impressive considering the value it provides and a series like test was needed for Samsung to be honest because xiaomi recently overtook Samsung in Indian market baby market share of 28% so hopefully these new devices helped Samsung to regain those lost customers consider subscribing for daily content like this and as always I'll see y'all tomorrow peace out

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