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samsung a70 price in india || samsung a70 review

Samsung A70 Review:

I needed a phone to know that there was something in my teeth, come on! Snapping pictures of plants, look mom, I'm a hipster! Alright, the Samsung A70, finally. This phone actually deserves a dramatic intro. It's honestly one of the best devices I've ever used. It looks like a masterpiece. It's supposed to be like a mid to high range smartphone. Yeah, it feels like a premium phone. What's the catch? It's impossible for a phone to be this good and this cheap. Let's talk about the screen. For me the screen of a smartphone is like the eyes of a girl. You either fall in love with it instantly, or you don't. It looks slick. The main reason why it looks so beautiful and slick... is the build quality and the materials it's built with. The back is what Samsung calls 'glasstic'. Get it, glasstic, plastic, glass... It feels like it's not going to break when you let it drop to the floor. And you can see some kind of holographic rainbow effect and I'm digging it. Another thing I noticed when I open the phone is how fast it unlocks. Pretty smooth. You can use your fingerprint, which is embedded into the screen itself.

This is still pretty magical to me, because I've never actually experienced an on-screen fingerprint reader. It works! When opened, you'll notice it's crisp, it's clear.. It's pretty freakin' sweet!'s smooth... You can go from app to app without feeling those jitters. It feels like a decent refresh rate. For a phone in that price range, I haven't seen it before. You can't talk about the screen without talking about video and audio. Let's take it to the test. Lalalala. That's one way to test it. Look at that handsome guy. That's 720p, let's do it in 1080, because the screen is obviously made for 1080 video... ...this looks very decent... ...and you can zoom in and zoom out to fill the screen. Not only the quality of the screen is good, the audio quality is also very nice. A good bass makes a world of difference.

 There's a lot of juice coming out of these speakers. Binge-watching all the series I want on this phone isn't going to be a problem... ...not only because the screen is good and the audio is quite good as well... ...but also because the Galaxy A70 has a massive battery... can charge to full in less than 2 hours. One of the things that absolutely murders your battery is video games. I like playing against losers, or in my case, lose against players, because I'm not a really good gamer. The screen is really long, which means that when I'm playing... ...I'm not distracted by my fat fingers on top of the screen. The slow-mo is so cool with this screen. I don't know if I mentioned it, but this is a Super AMOLED display, so the colours really pop. It's pretty intense! Well, I finished fourth. That's not too bad. There are four cameras on the phone. Three in the back, one selfie camera up front here. The top camera is a depth-camera.It has 5 Megapixels. The second one in the middle is the main camera, 32 Megapixels. And then the bottom one is the ultra-wide lense camera.

The back camera is perfect to snap pictures like this, pictures of plants. When I take a picture, I want the background to be blurry and I want the frontal to be clear. It does exactly as I expected. Samsung really realised that most people are really narcissistic, so just give them what they want... ...which is a mighty fine front facing camera. So this is the wide-angle lense doing the work. I didn't even know this room is so big! All in all, this phone is a pretty decent phone. I'm pretty impressed with all the stats. This has a 6 GB Snapdragon 675. It has a decent battery: 4500 mAh. It should last you the entire day, even with heavy usage. This is the black version and it comes in white too. What do you know. So, if you're interested in a pretty decent phone with good specs of a flagship phone, this is the phone for you!

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