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samsung galaxy m30s review || samsung galaxy m30s price in india

Samsung Galaxy M30s Review: -


With pressure coming from all sides in the mid-range market, Samsung is looking to improve its better successful Galaxy A and M lineup to be able to compete with great all-rounders from Xiaomi, Realme and other Chinese manufacturers. And not too long ago (earlier this year), Samsung released its first phone from the M-series. And since 2019 is almost over, it's time for a hardware refresh because obviously, this is the way we roll in the smartphone industry. Hardware refreshments are also common in the laptop / PC market.

And before we start the review, it's probably safe to say that the M30s makes a significant upgrade over its predecessor. Almost everything has changed under the hood, staying with the overall design and performance. Which, of course, is a good thing because the screen was the centerpiece feature of the original M30. We were very pleased with the performance of the 6.4-inch Super AMOLED panel on the M30 and we are sure that the same will happen here.

As for the rest of the specs, the M30s boasts a new, more powerful and more efficient in-house Exynos 9611 chipset based on the 10nm FinFET manufacturing process.

Additionally, the battery has been upgraded from 5,000 mAh to 6,000 mAh and is the same for cameras - the more capable 48 MP main shooter and the better - at least on paper - ultra-wide camera.

The Galaxy M30s are somewhat different from the rest of their siblings in the family. It is the only model in the series to be released worldwide as an Amazon exclusive handset whereas earlier, the M-series included phones manufactured in India for the local market. And with the M30s in the jungle, Samsung is putting the phone at risk by cannibalizing some A-series sales because at first glance, the handset offers more, asking less in return.

It is no surprise that the Galaxy M30S topped our smartphone buyer's guide this year. And it seems like the M30s make all the mistakes from the M30 and potentially fix almost everything we didn't like about the first iteration. So let's dive deeper to see how the phone uses in real life.

Unboxing Samsung Galaxy M30s:

The phone comes in a user manual, a thin carton box for data transfer and charging from USB-A to USB-C cable and the charging brick is rated up to 15W. There is a pair of wired earphones instead of a protective case, which you would normally expect in a retail package of a budget phone.

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