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Lenovo Y740 Laptop review

Lenovo Y740 Laptop:

This is Lenovo's Y740 gaming laptop and it's a good one I feel like this is probably gonna be one of their best gaming laptops for 2019 so last year they had the y730 a great device but they could only configure that device to a 1050 Ti not a particularly powerful GPU this year they let you crank it up to a 2070 max Q at the top end and well let's just get right into it this is a well-built machine it's priced reasonably well it's actually one of the cheaper devices you can get out there with this kind of build quality it's got aluminum on the top aluminum on the keyboard deck and there is some plastic like the bottom is plastic and the back kind of hinge areas plastic but you never feel like it's poorly made it actually is very well made all around

the ports on this device are predominantly on the back and you also have some ports on the left and right so on the left you get us pc and headphone jack and then on the right you have used to be a and the way that i play my games like I just have my mouse on the right headphone jack on the left and just you just keep your setup clean and they've done a good job with just keeping the ports away from your hands when you're gaming now aesthetically I really like the look of the device there's no red accents there's no color accents at all other than the RGB lighting like you have full control of it there's lights on the side and the logo lights up if you want but of the

gaming laptops on the market right now I would consider this to be one of the kind of cleaner looking ones the screen  so this is a 144 Hertz 10 DP panel it's a bright screen it's color accurate and it's pretty fast but it also supports g-sync and that's a technology made by Nvidia to kind of remove screen tearing and visual artifacts just stuff looks a little bit smoother especially at lower frame rates but this device also allows you to disable g-sync so most devices don't allow you to do that but on this

laptop you can in software and the reason why you would want to turn it off is to get better battery life when you have enabled stuff looks better stuff looks smoother but it eats up batteries really quickly alright let's talk about performance this device is running a 6 core CPU the 8750 H it's a great performer especially for multi-core applications but it's also running RTX GPU so this particular unit has the 2070 max Q and you're going to get excellent frame rates across any of the triple-a titles right now at 1080p there is an option for a 2060 like an RDX
sixty it's slightly cheaper and I think for most people it's gonna be the better option you're still gonna get amazing frame rates with that card unless you're really set on like raytrace graphics I would go for the Arctic's 2060 instead of the 2070 max-q the thermal performance is also good I'm not getting throttling in benchmarks or stress tests and if you look at the bottom of the device it's a little bit different this year if they have like circular cutouts in the grille it looks like more air flows going through this year's model compared to last year and if you look inside it's not like they're running 50 heat pipes it's still - for the CPU - for the GPU so I feel like the thermal performance that they're getting is probably coming from either better throw and paste or better application of

the thrown paste whatever they're doing they're doing a good job you also have access in here to your two RAM sticks your two and half inch SATA the nvme and your Wi-Fi card it is a killer 15 50 I really wish they'd gone with an Intel card but you can always swap that out if you want the battery in here remains small it's the same size as last year 57 watt hours with g-sync enabled I'm only getting like two and a half hours of battery life with g-sync disabled I got four hours which is I mean it's a small battery it's kind of expected but if you have like classes you want to bring this thing to school or work you're gonna have to have an AC adapter with you now speaking of that AC adapter it is a big one it's 230 watts but it's probably the biggest 230 watt AC adapter I've seen to date it's easily double the size of the

one from the razor blade which is also 230 watts the speakers remain unchanged from last year they sound pretty clean they're not like the world's best because they're anything but I feel like they do a good job with them and they're located in a reasonable spot they're kind of on the side projecting outwards and the fans are also pretty quiet I do wish they had better fan control like I wish they were software so you can crank it up whenever you wanted but they're pretty quiet even on load the keyboard also remains unchanged from last year it's got a pretty clean layout with macro keys on the left it's got great lighting I think it has some of the best lighting in the business it's got some very extensive software it's also supposedly water-resistant but I don't have a big enough balls to test that the one complaint I would have about it is that

I wish the keys were a little bit more responsive like it is a gaming laptop so if you're playing games on this thing it can feel a little bit softer at times than I would like the trackpad is also Windows trackpad great trackpad kind of a smooth texture there's also hardware buttons on the bottom if you like to use those but overall it's a good trackpad there are some things I dislike obviously I feel like I've just been going on this video but how much I like about it for one the webcam is located on the bottom of the screen it's a nose can but because it's a gaming laptop I feel like it can forgive that the bottom bezel is also a little bit thick like the chin of the screen but there's very little I dislike about this device I feel like if anything this kind of sets the bar of what manufacturers should kind of aim for like a well priced appropriately priced product with great performance and good looks I think lenovo built this device just right like it's not super thin it's thin enough but they didn't make this thing so thin to the point of detriment like a lot of companies they try to make these dinner and thinner gaming laptops and it just makes them really difficult to cool these guys obviously did a great job it's not the thinnest device out there but it's kind of a great overall product.

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