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Infinix Hot 8 Review:

Infinix hot 8 the box has a greenish lemony gradient color you have some of the specs on the back when you open it up you're greeted with a smartphone let's go ahead and take out the sticker on the back and on the front this one is the midnight black color it also comes in quetzel cyan cosmic purple and shark green you get the warranty card you have an envelope that holds the sim ejector to a note from fouls by Google a user manual you can see all the 4G LTE bands that is support here so no glue 4G 128 X Club leaflet a film screen protector and a textured TPU case it has this nice

modern office wall graffiti look that adds a bit of personality to the phone in the bottom compartment you have a standard 10 watt charger or micro USB cable and a pair of earphones on the front you have a 6.6 inch HD plus IPS LCD display with 20 by 9 aspect ratio on top of that display you have a drop nachi that houses an 8 megapixel camera with flash and earpiece on the back you have a 13 megapixel main shooter a 2 megapixel depth sensor and a QVGA low light sensor with quad flash you also get a fingerprint sensor and some Infinix branding on the left you have a three in one tray that houses to 4G LTE nano Sims and an SD card on the right you have a power button and volume rocker on the top you have nothing on the bottom you have a 3.5 millimeter

headphone jack a microphone a microUSB port and a speaker the hot dates back and frame are made from a glossy plastic material and it's a unibody design it does seem like the black color is a bit boring and probably is the least attractive of all the color options this device is big but not heavy considering definitely for 200 use comparing is designed with that of the s4 they are notches identical the hot 8 is significantly taller but hot its back comes off as less premium of the two the display is only HD Plus display but colors are well saturated with this aspect ratio it is meant for consumption especially movies it's bright outdoors is responsive to type on and has great viewing angles you get I care reading mode etc there's an option to hide the not in the settings we see

That it comes with two gigs of RAM and Ted two gigs of storage you have over 24 gigs available to use it runs on Android nine pile with the latest X OS cheetah version 5.0.2 slapped on top of it and the quick settings you get all the familiar utility tools an app drawer you get a whole lot of blue wear and you can delete them we get files by Google pre-installed if you've ever used any phone running Android goo edition you probably have an idea of what this can do this is your file manager and you can share files clean duplicate files and apk is taking up all your storage space and uninstall on used apps etc navigation settings are here all six options including swipe gestures a smart panel especially for 100 operation on this phone because it's a really tall aspect ratio and reaching the top requires a second hand plus even the toggle for the 100 mode requires a swipe from the top about performance the

processor power and these guys the hell you each went to quad-core CPU clocked a 2.0 gigahertz same one on the smart 3 plus that I reviewed they actually have a lot in common capable of running your social media apps are messengers but not at the same time so in spite of the tall display the split screen is not something you want to do on a regular basis of the hot 8 the fingerprint sensor takes about a second to unlock which is slower than most it does read accurately most of the time the face on lock also takes about a second deletes ooh something we've gotten quite used to on the hot series is the direct sound and here's what the speaker sounds like side by side the s4

when it comes to gaming as usual I play pop G on default settings which on this guy is smooth graphics at medium frame rates pop G runs okay still get occasional stutters there's this leo AI engine pop up and it's supposed to give you some game boost to enhance your gameplay if you like to see what it feels like in the separate game and review let me know in the comments about battery life I got through a day of use using mostly social media apps took photos and light gaming on and Wi-Fi this gave me seven hours of screen on time with 50 percent battery left the hell you 822 CPU uses a 12 nanometer process and has already been established as a power efficient ship when paired with in basically five thousand milliamp hour battery what you get is two full days of use or a ridiculously lengthy screen on time for the average user it took me three hours and 37 minutes to charge from zero to 100% which is a downside of having a huge battery on a budget device such as this one cuz it doesn't support fast charging the camera on the Infinix hot eight is indeed a step up from the single camera of the hot 7 and most of it isn't just for sure the bokeh is adjustable before and after your shot plus you get a lot of air and emojis for anyone who is into them here are some of the shots that I took outdoors dynamic range is fair

The primary portrait mode is descent but it does have a crop factor compared to the s for the hot eight money to take better-looking selfies with better skin tones the QV GU light sensor brightens the shots but colors end up looking faded it shoots videos in 1080p this is the selfie camera of Infinix Infinix hot it is the first Infinix smartphone to park a five thousand milliamp hour battery and in fact actually packs the biggest display from Infinix I know there are people who need all the battery juice to power a small country on their smart phone and out easily recommended to those with big hands or people and a budget who love phablet sized gadgets for consuming media if you're not in this category then a smart 3 plus is probably a better option for you so quick question are there any other budget phablets from any brand that parks display this huge for the price of around that 2000 naira or 19 US dollars please let me know in the comments cause all this plus a decent camera has me wondering if there are market forces at play here coming from the prices of the competition that is if there are any for the hot 8

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