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acer nitro 5 review | acer laptop

Acer Nitro 5 Review:

This is the Acer Nitro 5. Now, this is a laptop That's geared towards that whole inexpensive gaming market. It's 900 bucks. It's got a GTX 1050 Ti, 256 gigs of SSD and a Kaby Lake chip in here. I mean, There's a lot of stuff that I like about this thing, but if you'll notice the title of this video,  I don't openly recommend this thing to everybody and the reason why is because I feel like there's a better option than this for people who are actually interested in this and it's not because this is a bad laptop,

This is actually a very good laptop But as you'll see, there's something a little bit better than this So the things that I do like about it. First, I really like the build quality. This thing looks less gamer, I should say? Than the average cheap gaming laptop, so it has a red strip down here But it's not that bright cherry red, it's more like a muted metallic burgundy color. It's still red It's not my favorite thing but I think it's a lot better than a lot of gaming laptops and Everything else on the top at least is black, even that logo, the Acer logo is just simple black and the components they've chosen in here are good. The 1050 Ti Is that sweet spot for inexpensive 1080p gaming

The port selection is pretty standard for this price. You're getting three USB-A's and one USB-C, not Thunderbolt 3 though I like the screen, it's not amazing. It's an IPS screen, and it looks not bad. I mean it's a $900 gaming laptop You're not gonna get 4K color accurate screens at this price, so yeah I'm happy with the screen. The keyboard and the trackpad are also both good. The keyboard is comfortable to use, nice layout. The one thing That's a little bit weird on the layout is that the Shift and the Up arrow are really close together now I personally didn't have any issues using it but I think it'll depend on how your Keyboard habits are if you- I don't know, if you hit your shift in a particular way You might hit the Up arrow at the same time

But I don't have any issues Trackpad is also really good, Windows Precision drivers Acer has totally gone into the whole Windows Precision driver thing They don't use anymore Elan or Synaptics drivers from what I've seen recently, so that's really nice The speakers are located on the bottom, and they don't sound terrible or anything, they don't sound great But it's a $900 gaming laptop. They kind of sound as you would expect

Everything seems proper on this laptop But this is my one issue with this thing. The thermal design is... Not ideal, so if you look over here You can see the CPU and the GPU and there's two heat pipes that pull heat away from these chips Which are cooled with these two fans And I don't like seeing game laptops designed like this So on a regular laptop that doesn't have a ton of thermal output This is fine because I mean, it's a very effective and space efficient way of cooling things down but on a gaming laptop with the GTX 1050

But if you play games for a long time like over an hour You'll notice that the CPU temperature starts to creep up and up and eventually you'll hit that wall. The one thermal advantage that I would say the Nitro 5 has is that it does have "CoolBoost" technology which is basically built-in software to allow you to control the fans. Now, the VX 15 does not have that and this does and it can be helpful. The thing is you can always get like third-party software to control the fans But this has it straight from the factory. So the fan on is on this thing at idle is not very loud It's actually quite quiet, on load

it's a little bit louder, audible, but not too bad, but with CoolBoost on, this thing is quite loud And it's still not good enough to maintain really high clock speeds for extended periods of time despite it being super loud So here's the thing, for $900, the market is very competitive right now There's a lot of good options to choose from, the VX 15 the Dell 7567, the upcoming 7577. This thing, the Nitro 5, they're all like kind of in that market So if you're going to make a laptop that competes with this stuff, if you're gonna spend the time and the resources Like Acer did, to make the Nitro 5 a brand new laptop Why like, why not make it something just more different? There's nothing about this thing that makes it a compelling purchase Okay, I take that back. There's two things that are unique about this, that don't matter to me But I, to be fair I need to just kind of put this out there for full disclosure This thing has a design like a visual design

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